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Before we can fully customize a HealthyHome Water Filtration System for your home, we need to assess your household water quality and determine present levels of chlorine, chloramines, carcinogens, fluoride, chromium 6, arsenic and other contaminants. From there we review hardness levels, count all the fixtures on the property, determine the plumbing size and infrastructure, calculate flow rates, measure water pressure and check regulator settings.

Once your system is installed, we’ll eliminate waterborne chemicals from your home’s living environment for a healthier lifestyle. No more chlorine or chloramines. No more hard-water build up. Just high-quality, great-tasting, chemical-free water that’s perfect for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Plus, it’s great for pools, water features, and yards.

For guaranteed optimum water quality, your PURE Elements HealthyHome Water Filtration and Salt-Free Conditioning System requires minimal attention.
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Make my water wonderful.

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