One man’s quest
to perfect the water
purification process
started over
three decades ago.

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Custom Whole House Water Filtration System

The difference no one else can duplicate.

Before we can fully customize a HealthyHome Water Filtration System for your home, we need to assess your household water quality and determine present levels of chlorine, chloramines, carcinogens, fluoride, chromium 6, arsenic and other contaminants. From there we review hardness levels, count all the fixtures on the property, determine the plumbing size and infrastructure, calculate flow rates, measure water pressure and check regulator settings.

Custom Filter Solutions

You can’t “soften” without salt—which compromises drinking water, kills plant life and destroys swimming pools.

Comparing a traditional water softener with a “salt-free water softener” is confusing. The term “salt-free water softener” is highly misleading—salt-free water softeners do not exist. Water conditioning—however—can effectively take place without the use of salt.

Water Conditioner vs. Water Softener

Not all whole house water
filters are created equal.

And neither is water quality. Pure and simple. Some claim to remove chloramines with basic, generic filters. Others state they can remove fluoride with no maintenance for years or that their one-size-fits-all product will address every water quality issue. Get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.